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Lather, Rinse,
Many of the things that are best for your lawn are done in the Spring AND the Fall. A great way to have a good healthy lawn next Spring is to properly prepare it for Winter.
Keep up with the leaves. As the trees are dropping them, you need to be raking them. A covering of leaves left on a lawn over the winter can be harmful to the health of the grass. Along with the leaves, it's good to get any excess clipping, twigs and other debris off the grass before the snow comes.
Aerate in the fall to help break up compacted soil and remove excess thatch, allowing fertilizer nutrients, sunlight and air to infiltrate the soil.
Fertilize in the fall because when a lawn goes dormant in the winter, well-nourished roots will continue to grow in soil temperatures above 35 degrees.
Control broadleaf weeds such as the dreaded dandelion in early fall when they germinate. Apply a regular broadleaf herbicide at a low rate because the weeds are still quite small.
Fall is also a wonderful time to reseed your lawn and fill in any holes that might look patchy.
Make sure all toys, lawn furniture, fire place pits, barbeques, and anything else is removed from your yard. If you have these sitting on your lawn throughout the winter, the grass will die in these spots and it might also make the yard more prone to sickness as the grass molds and decomposes under the weight of the various things.
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